Amazing stories. Immersive Events. Unforgettable memories.

We are a live action roleplaying studio based in Austin, Texas.


We create immersive LARP experiences.

Jackalope Live Action Studios is a world-class studio creating theatrical live action roleplaying events. We are based in Austin, TX; and have spearheaded quality licensed and original Nordic-inspired events in the United States.


The Night in Question

An intense Vampire: the Masquerade horror experience.

Cyberpunk: Night City

Criminals, hustlers, and rogues in the streets of Cyberpunk 2020’s Night City.

A War of Our Own

A charity event about the experiences of civilians in a civil war, based on This War of Mine.

What is LARP?

LARP is an acronym that stands for Live Action Role-Playing. It is an immersive interactive form of art and entertainment where there is no audience, only participants. Players immerse themselves in a fictional world to live briefly as another person. It combines elements of improvised theater, traditional role-playing games and performance art to create a unique and compelling experience.

There are many kinds of LARP. The popular image of LARP is of fantasy games played with swords and sorcery, but a LARP can be about anything you can think of. There are LARPs about political intrigue in Versailles, being a peasant in 18th century Russia or the gay culture in 1970s New York City. There are LARPs about the nature of death or the life of pop stars. Some are games for entertainment, and others are avant-garde art pieces. Some have many rules; and others none at all. But all of them are engaging and often emotional experiences that take you somewhere you’ve never been before.