Health and Wellness

As awareness and concerns about infectious disease at gatherings rises, Jackalope has decided to codify policies for mitigating the spread of disease at our events. LARPing is a social experience that can involve close personal contact, and we take measured steps to make sure it is a safe experience for all those involved.

Compliance with Official Guidelines

First and foremost, Jackalope will follow any and all directives from authorities such as the Center for Disease Control, along with state/local health agencies. None of our policies will preempt those official guidelines. By our own judgement, Jackalope may enact stricter measures.


If official guidance calls for it, Jackalope will cancel our events rather than risk the health of our players and those close to them. Jackalope may preemptively cancel events in rapidly evolving situations. This is the worst possible scenario for Jackalope as a studio, but nothing we do is worth risking the health and well-being of our attendees and those close to them.

In this situation, we will strive to make the best accommodations to those who were planning on attending. Please remember that Jackalope is a small business trying to make the best choices for our players, and we will do what we can in any given scenario, but our resources are limited. Refunds will likely be partial, removing any unrecoverable fees and expenses.

Cancellations or alterations to events will be communicated via provided emails as well as on our social media and online communication channels.


At-Risk Populations

During ongoing health situations, we encourage seriously at-risk individuals to not attend our events. Jackalope staff will accommodate refunds and other considerations as much as they are able.

This may include people with identified health issues (e.g. respiratory disease, immunocompromised) or specific populations (e.g. elderly individuals).

Individuals Exposed

Individuals who have been exposed to a suspected or confirmed case of an infectious disease should not attend our events until they have isolated for the appropriate amount of time and tested negative.

Unvaccinated individuals from areas that have had a recent outbreak of an infectious disease should not attend our events. The definition of “recent” is defined by health authorities. Attendees should not attend our events if they are vaccinated against any pandemic diseases.

Jackalope will bar individuals who meet either of these criteria from our events if we are aware of the situation. Knowingly violating these guidelines can result in expulsion and further action taken against the individual.

Jackalope will accommodate refunds and other considerations as much as they are able for those who are unable to attend due to exposure.

Individuals With Symptoms

Individuals who feel ill or show symptoms of an infectious disease should not attend our events. Jackalope will require temperature checks and other precautions as we deem appropriate.

During an ongoing health situation, Jackalope will accommodate refunds and other considerations as much as they are able for those who are unable to attend due to exposure or illness.

If an individual shows symptoms of respiratory illness (coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath), they will be isolated by the medical staff of the event with proper precautions. Individuals with symptoms will be removed from the event space, then the response coordinated with medical authorities.

Jackalope will accommodate refunds and other considerations as much as they are able for those who are unable to attend due to illness or symptoms.


Regardless of whether there is any health situation, all staff and attendees should practice key prevention strategies as defined by the CDC, including –

  • Practice proper sneeze and cough etiquette. Cover coughs and sneezes. Throw away tissues into the trash.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

The Jackalope staff will –

  • Clean frequently touched surfaces daily, as well as before events, and will have plans for regular cleaning during events if necessary.
  • Staff in frequent contact with players will regularly wash/sanitize their hands. This would include check-in staff and primary player contacts, e.g. key NPCs.
  • Make sure proper washing facilities and hygiene products (soap, clean water, alcohol based disinfectants) are available throughout the event site.
  • Provide all necessary aids to the medical staff (disposable gloves, face masks)
  • Consult with medical professionals about any further measures necessary

During an ongoing health situation, Jackalope may take steps to reduce vectors for transmission. This could include:

  • eliminating communal food (buffets, open trays);
  • reducing or banning physical contact;
  • changing event scripts, mechanics, special effects and props being used.

Exposure and Transparency

In the event of a suspected or confirmed exposure at our events to an infectious disease, Jackalope will adopt a policy of transparency.

  • Jackalope will communicate with all attendees via the provided emails, as well as publicly on our social media channels, if there is a possible exposure, so players can take proper steps medically.
  • If the medical staff determines that the situation is serious enough, Jackalope will halt an event and call for a “shelter in place” where players are removed by medical staff from the area in small groups to prevent more exposure.

Questions or Concerns

Any questions or concerns can be sent to